"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."



I'm passionate about creating articulate, leading edge work for the beauty, fashion and advertising world. Working closely with an impeccable team who are devoted to delivering personalized service from concept development, location scouting, treatment illustration, lighting, set design, image capture and non-destructive beauty retouching. With shoot production across Australasia  and world wide as the brief requires.


I believe as beings of energy and matter (E=mc2) we aspire to the highest acquisition of beauty for in this place of quiet certitude we recognize the grace of divinity present in all things.

The creative arts second only to 'Love' is the greatest form of human expression, 'the language of the soul' so to speak. It is only through the propriety of mind, spirit and hand working in perfect harmony that we are able to express our highest visionary ideals as artists/photographers.

I believe it is the continual aspiration for artistic expression at its most elevated articulation that we find our greatest sense of accomplishment as this allows us to freely explore the endless possibilities of light and energy manifest in the consummate dedication to ones craft.

"The only real transcendence is recognizing the unified nature of existence, so that one may fore go adjectives and see the simple energy manifest in myriad form."


Ko Tutu te Maunga
Ko Touwai te Awa
Ko Mamari te Waka
Ko Karangahape te Marae
Ko Ngati Kahu, Ko Ngati Porou nga Iwi
Ko Ngati Kawau, Ko Ngati Maniapoto nga Hapu
Ko Rewi raua ko David Poata oku ingoa

Tutu is my mountain
Touwai is my river
Mamari is my canoe
Karangahape is my ancestoral meeting house
Ngati Kahu and Ngati Porou are my tribal nations
Ngati Kawau and Ngati Maniapoto are my sub clans
I am known as Rewi by my wharekura and David Poata in the wider world.

“Tūturu Whakamaua kia tina! – Tina! Haumi e! Hui e! Taiki e!


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